My Diet/Workout/Supp. Plan

  1. My Diet/Workout/Supp. Plan

    Hey everyone... first post. I've been lifting for a few years now, just to keep in shape. Recently i've gotten very serious with diet/training plans as my major is exercise science. After doing TONS of research both in, and out of class i've come up with this supplement/workout schedule that i'd like some of you guys to give me constructive comments on.

    If you guys think it looks good ill start up a log, but if i get negative feedback ill do more research and decide whats best :-)

    I do pretty much this same routine everyday and i love it... i look forward to lifting every day so here it goes:

    Wake up: 7 a.m. Take 3 White blood;
    4g CEE, 1.5g ALCAR mixed with dextrose
    Spin Bike 20 minutes, warm up 5 min;
    5 min of 10s on/10s off;
    5 min mid HR
    5 min cool down
    Shower; 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites w/ cup of gatorade
    2g CLA, Multivitamin, R-ALA, Fish oils
    Off to gym: Usually at the gym by 8 a.m.
    Lifting routine (varies day to day obviously)
    20 min. Cardio
    PWO Shake: 2 scoops ON %100 Whey
    4g CEE, 1.5g ALCAR and dextrose

    With lunch i have 2g of CLA and fish oils... Dinner 1g CLA, fishoils, Multivit.

    Then i have class/work etc. etc. and my diet is mainly clean carbs and lots of protein. The goal of this plan is to loose body fat while retaining lean muscle mass and building some as well, for summer.

    Thats pretty much it, any CONSTRUCTIVE critiscism is very much appreciated as i've tried to research any absorbancy issues which is why i've seperated my morning sups a bit yadda yadda. Thanks

  2. What is your diet like the rest of the day in terms of your macros and caloric breakdown..?

  3. I'll typically have around 1700-2000 cals.

    Only maybe 100g of carbs as im loosing weight, and i time them so they're used efficiently.

    The rest are from good fats and protein. Which includes another protein shake, usually 2-3 packets of tuna in sunflower oil and lean chicken breast and brown rice.

    I'm 5'10 183lbs this morning. BF% around 12.

  4. 1700-2000 cals....That is a ridiculously small amount of calories man..If your major is exercise science you should know that your BMR is 1954, which means even if you didn't move all day you would still be needing around 2400kcals man..You should be eating at least 2700, even if you were trying to cut..Eating this little you will just lose mass, period. It's possible your body will even hold onto your fat as a survival mechanism, so you'll lose your muscle and keep the fat...Bump them much higher..

  5. But see i have ****ed metabolism. When i was about 14-15 years old or so, i was about a foot shorter and about 210... all i ate was pizza, candies, debbie cakes all that kinda ****. Now i put on fat so easy that i have to be really strict. I usually eat 5-6 times a day, each meal at about 300-400 cals and so far i've had the results i've wanted.

    I'm 20 now, started majorly exercising about 6 months ago after i broke up with my gf and looked in the mirror and said wtf. I had got up to about 215 and 22% bf. Now at 183 im at about 12% bf and im trying to strip more off.

    i cant eat like my friends or most people... i just put on fat really, really fast and easily :-(

  6. Hmmm....Even with a metabolism such as yours if you keep your food extra-clean I cannot see a circumstance where you would continue to slap on adipose tissue man...The skinny, no pun intended, is that you will have to eat more to keep losing fat, whilst slapping on meat..Just my .02

  7. i have thought about throwing in an extra meal or so of 2 boiled chicken breast...

    the good thing is i dont eat for flavor anymore... like i dont give a **** lol i can boil 2 chicken breast, put some pepper on it and be happy :-)

    thx for the advice

  8. Yeah man, I despise tuna, but I eat like 4 cans a day..It's good you have gotten over the hurdle of eating because it tastes good, I eat because of what it does for me..

  9. ooo i hate tuna too, i chug it down with a bottle of water :-)


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