methoxy trn/superdrol/phera plex

  1. methoxy trn/superdrol/phera plex

    hey guys im wondering if this could happen.
    you can stack phera and SD together, but would it be a good stack to stack methoxy and SD or phera and methoxy?

  2. I'm not the expert on this at all, but that sounds like alot of orals in one stack. Some might disagree but this seems to be the trend lately and I dont' think it's a good idea. Now I don't have very much to base this on, other then what would seem to be common sense but here's my take. Superdrol is KNOWN to be harsh on quite a few levels. Mega-trn seems to be pretty harsh as well, but just not perhaps as much as was expected, still doesn't mean it's safe at all. The pheraplex seems to be the most mild of the three, yet again it's going to raise liver values and affect you lipid panels. I'm really doubting that stacking all three will be THAT much more effective then just taking 2 of them together. Both SD and phera and good for mass, while it seems that mega-trn is more suited for hardening up/no water weight.

    I normally wouldn't compare AAS and PH's but just for example I will here. Say the mega-trn is tren. The Superdrol we'll pretend is anadrol, and the pheraplex will be dianabol. Now tren and drol or tren and dbol wouldn't be a bad stack (although IMO you really should have some test in there). HOWEVER, I wouldn't stack drol and dbol with tren. You catch my drift?

  3. Yeah...In case you see this thread first hcky, you aren't allowed to talk about this yet...Just figga'd I'd give you the heads up before you get flamed or banned...

  4. tell me why im not allowed to talk about this? im curious. so anyways im just wondering. ive done one oral and that was dbol and that was stacked with test. i only use test. i was simply asking if this could be done

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  6. I'm running: (starting tomorrow)

    Week 1: 30mg Superdrol
    Week 2: 20mg Superdrol, 2mg Mega-TRN
    Week 3: 20mg Superdrol, 2mg Mega-TRN
    Week 4: 6mg Mega-TRN, 100mg Prostan
    Week 5: 6mg Mega-TRN, 150mg Prostan
    Week 6: 6mg Mega-TRN, 200mg Prostan

    Plus alot of the most anabolic substance known to man:

  7. Please tell me you are loggin that Xel..I have been wanting someone to do that cycle for awhile, it looks amazing...


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