PP/Orastan E Questions?

  1. PP/Orastan E Questions?

    April 1 will be the starting date of the above cycle. I guess you can consider me a newbie to this. Although, I do have previous experience with sustanon 250, test 200, and deca 200. I also have experience from andro poppers for what that's worth. I have not done anything of the sort in around 4 or 5 years. I will do it right and with the right supplementation. I do have a few questions though. Here they go...
    1. What exactly is a back pump? (what causes it)
    2. Should I take NO and creatine while on and off?
    3. Is it safe to take tribulus and test boosters while on PCT with ATD's and the sort?
    Just for the curious, I will probably keep a log if there is want. I will be doing 50mg orastan and 10mg pp throughout.
    Some people say this is not much, but I am a not much kind of guy (never saw the need to overdo it). Thank you for your help.

  2. alright, I've decided to run just a prostanazol cycle for now to see if this stuff is legit or not. the goal is to keep lean mass while cutting, the sups that will be ran with it are hawthorne berry, coq10, saw palmetto, and milk thistle...maybe NAC. Does anyone have any other suggestions for support sups? Nextly, is it safe to take ephedra and sups like lipo 6 while cutting on prostanozol. I will keep dosage between 50mg- 75mg a day because I only weigh around 150 and 5'4. I am 23. probably just ATD for pct, nolva on hand, and I am also considering using 7 keto with ATD and fenugreek with of course some test boosters. any comments?

  3. whats your current bf% at 150lbs. ? I would say a clean diet and maybe some of the thermos out there and youd be good. You don't necesarily need pp or orastan to cut and preserve muscle.

  4. really unsure of body fat %. i know I will want to bulk in a few months so I just figured I'd run prostan cycle since I am just not ready to make a formal decision as to whether to run sd, pp, or halodrol. I have the sd and pp.

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