The Anarchy Stack - Please Advise

  1. The Anarchy Stack - Please Advise

    Hello, I know there is a post above however I'm finding it hard going reading through 30 odd pages so I'm going to post my questions here in the hope of getting direct answers.

    CLA - How much, what sized doses and how far apart? Is this product sufficient EDIT: READ THE FAQ - I'll also be using a protein shake which has approx 1.5grams cla per serving, I have 2 servings of this a day. If you have any better links to buy CLA please note I live in England.

    ALA/R-ALA - What would be better to take, ALA or R-ALA? I'm thinking R-ALA will be so is this product ok ? 100mg tabs, how many a day and how far spaced apart?

    I've been taking approx 4grams of ALCAR a day with 2 scoops of SAN Infusion which has CLA in it and I have to say I have noticed dramatic fat loss, mainly in stubborn areas such as my hips and arse.
    I started bulking on January 30th, I weighed myself at 12 stone 10lbs. I upped my calories by having 100grams of oats mixed with a handfull of fruit and nuts for breakfast, added an extra 2 protein shakes throughout the day and I also dropped my cardio by 20 minutes. On March 11th I weighed myself and I weighed 12stone 3lbs, a loss of 7lbs while bulking!! I've got bigger as in muscular so most of that I think/hope was fat, I'm a lot more leaner around the mid section so I'm chuffed!

    Thanks for reading this thread and for any help you can give.

  2. bump please

  3. r-ala is imo better ala and as far as the dose it depends on the amount of carbs you plan to take in 40-60g. take 100mg 15-30 min before you eat and 60-80 200mg. and I belive r-ala is short lived so taking another 100-200 mg. 15 mins. after you eat depending on your carb intake for that meal. Maybe look into bulk k-r-ala because it lasts a bit longer and is a more stable version. You can also take r-ala before morning cardio for increased fat burninig or after your w/o with an ample amount of carbs for better absorbtion. As far as the cla I've taken 12-20 g. divided with meals a day to get good results out of it so it becomes costly.

    Alcar is great stuff and 3g. a day divided is as high as I've gone w/o sleep disturbances.

    Maybe add in some green tea since it's part of the anarchy stack and maybe forslean.

    Take time to read all the pages to the anrchy stack they are stickied for a reason which is it has a lot of good info.

    Hope this helps bro

  4. Thanks for your help pit bull, I've just found a product which includes 200mg of K-R-ALA a serving in it so I'll be going with that!

  5. The old anarchy stack would be improved with the following changes IMO
    1. K-r-ala over ala
    2. sesathin over cla
    3. Don't forget the biotin because it becomes depleted with high levels of ala.



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