Need Help newbie, sort of.....

  1. Need Help newbie, sort of.....

    I have used the search and usually I am just a lurker on forums. But being a male of the age of 31 'bout to be 32 and feeling a decline of my maleness shall we say I am looking to use a natural test booster as well as some other product for a big boost in my muscle building ability. My real question is has any one used Novadex XT or Vitrix and which is better of the two? I have used the search by the way.

  2. Wow..... No One?

  3. 10 threads down is your answer...
    Don't start new threads when your answer is beneath you.
    And 1.5 hours is not a long time to not have an answer.
    My The 1 LOG:

  4. sorry dude, I didn't see much about the products I asked about. Thats why I mentioned them by name. It seems in the mentioned post was about any test booster not confined to those two.

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