O/T Going to Europe - What to Do????

  1. O/T Going to Europe - What to Do????

    Hello all...

    I'm going to Europe from May 10th to June 12th, as part of my graduation....I'm so excited but of course i'm worried:

    Where to train?
    How to eat enough?

    Any tips are welcome, I'm going to try and hit as many gyms as I can, either say i'm an athlete or work at a supp company.

    I'm probably going to bring a small suit case too, along with my backup, but what should I pack????

    Going to:
    greece - 1 week
    italy - 1 week
    zurich - 1 day or 2
    Spain - 1week
    rest in london, paris, amstd.

    I guess a lot of pushups, pullups, but any real good tips????

    I know I'll still eat very clean, but for sure i'll have to drink

  2. Get a whole bunch of D-bol,deca,eth,cyp and sus.. hehehe. Talk to ya...
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  3. Trust me, i've thought of that!

    I wanted to do a cycle either of those combo's or 1-test before leaving, but I didn't want to come off my cycle and go straight to partying for a month. I'll done one when I get back.

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