I will be doing a workout as so:

1-4 weeks linear cycle of periodization (to get back into the lifting and everything)

weeks 5-16 undulation cycle of periodization
(to really hit it hard and grow!

weeks 17-20 reverse linear cycle

then a cut stage? (not sure yet?)

I am just getting back into supps and lifting but wanting to get back quick and hard!
Here is my stack:

2-liver support pills
2 cissus
2 camp
2 powerfull
Animal pak vitamin
1 oil cap (omegas)
2 green tea (tablets)

pre workout:
animal stak
grape seed extract
animal nitro
c2 (possibly, but depending on caffeine reaction to c2?)

post work out:
Animal nitro
vit c
vit e
liver support
1 green tea OR 1 c2?
(depending on caffene reaction to c2)

lunch supps:
2 cissus
2 camp
2 powerfull

Bed time:
1 Gaba
3 Zma
2 cissus
2 powerfull
2 camp
omega oils
liver support

what do you think? Any suggestions?

any thing to remove or add? and why?

thanks peeps!