1. Alcar

    For those of you who take it, do you all mix it with water? Just wondering if I'm taking it right. Thanx

  2. yeah.. just chug it down. its bitter but you will get use to it

  3. Nothing covers the taste of my alcar, I chase it down with water.

  4. I actually chase it down w/lemon flavored green tea. To me, the taste of alcar is like a yellow lemon squeezed in iced water. But I dont mind the taste at all, especially compared to anhydrous caffeine! Thanx for your replies.

  5. It's kind of a vinegary-citrus taste in water. I don't mind it at all.

  6. Pink Lemonade Crystal Light. (Thats actually one of the reasons we had the idea to use a Pink Lemonade flavor system for Focus XT which has a high amount of ALCAR in it.)
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  7. I used to mix it in with my Xtend and some apple juice/water, but now I just take the caps from Primaforce.

  8. Capsules.

  9. I like the taste of Al-car. If I mix it with POM's blueberry-pomagranate juice, I like it even more!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by MaynardMeek
    yeah.. just chug it down. its bitter but you will get use to it
    Bitter? My taste sour bro..

  11. I buy it in bulk and cap it. Sick of the taste.


  12. Put it on your tongue and let it dissolve. I love lemons too.


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