Cutting Plan

  1. Cutting Plan

    I started the following cutting Plan two days ago.

    ephedrine ;25 mg three times a day

    caffeine : 200 mg three times a day

    sesamin: 500 mg three times a day

    Camphibolic: two caps at bedtime

    Lipo-ultra: 4 sprays in the midsection at bedtime

    I've been doing mostly long cardio (running between 30 to 60 minutes), but I have also included interval training. I have reduced a little bit the weight loadings in my workouts and I train each bodypart at least once a week.

    Do you have any opinions on this plan? What do you think about stacking EC+camphibolic? I have found contradictory threads but I think they would work synergistically.

  2. How is that diet? Fit Day for accuracy helps many... Other than that your plan sounds great...

  3. Yes, I know it works great. I had used it in the past with success. But for the meanwhile I just have been focusing in consuming clean foods and not in quantities since I have been training also for several weekend races. So far I have been able to drop 5 pounds in two weeks. I'll be counting calories since today.

    Typical foods in my diet are indicated below. I will adjust the portions in order to obtain a 500 calorie deficit trying to fit as close a possible 40/40/20 ratio.

    weightlifiting followed by cardio

    whey protein isolate in 1% fat milk (two servings)
    1 banana (optional, if needed in days of long cardio)

    2 caps of 1000mg Fish oil

    4 ounces of smoked canned salmon fillet
    A medium to large portion of boiled broccoli (3-4 cups)


    4 egg whites
    2 slices of whole wheat bread
    1 slice of provolone cheese

    2 caps of fish oil


    Often consume same as lunch.
    I can change the protein source with a small portion of lean meat or a skinless chicken breast.

    2 caps of fish oil

    Two portions of whey protein isolate in water in days of strenous exercise (I want to avoid an extremely catabolic state)

    One cup of lowfat yogurt or nonfat cottage cheese depending on cravings. I sometimes take a cup of green tea sweetened with Splenda

  4. sounds good, good luck with it all!

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