question on bp supps

  1. question on bp supps

    Ok, I just thought of something, and I'm a little tipsy at the moment so please bear with me if I dont make sense. Bp supps induce vasodilation, correct? Well whats the reason for vasoconstriction if someone has high bp. The reason is to prevent capillary damage. If a person has high bp, vasoconstriction is induced to prevent large amounts of blood from entering and possibly damaging cappillaries. But when someone takes a bp suppliment such as NO, hawthorne berrry, etc, vasodilation takes into affect, thus relaxing the smooth muscle of arteries, reducing friction of blood flow and decreasing bp. Could this possible lead to increased blood flow into the capillaries, thus increasing the likelihood of increasing capillary damage? Or do bp supps have some other action that lowers bp other than vasodilation?

  2. Bumping this back up.

  3. High BP can cause capillary damage. Vasodilation lowers BP. Thus, no capillary damage when vasodilated...

  4. I'm not so sure about that bro. How exactly does high bp cause capillary damage? It's from too much blood trying to go through the capillaries. That's why the arteries go through vasoconstriction. So if the arteries go through vasodilation, there's increased blood flow into the capillaries. At least that's my understanding.

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