Bulking Need Help?

  1. Bulking Need Help?

    hey guys im new here and i just wanted to ASK WHAT ARE THE BEST SUPPLEMENTS FOR BULKING THANKS FOR ANY ADVICE

  2. Surplus calories in the form of food is straight-up the best. PLEASE keep this on the Down-Low.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by B5150
    Surplus calories in the form of food is straight-up the best. PLEASE keep this on the Down-Low.
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    After food, buy yourself a good protein powder. But if you stay true to da FOOD, you won't need it.

    Pick up some cheap creatine monohydrate also if you just wanna put on a few extra pounds.

    If you get crazy with the cheese whiz get some glutamine for post workout recovery.

  5. yeah just eat everything in sight. High Calorie foods but try to keep the fat low.

  6. has anyone mentioned food yet? It works great for me.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by wastedwhiteboy2
    has anyone mentioned food yet? It works great for me.
    Ya know, this thread kinda points out something funny and that in my short time here has been mentioned by vets, mods, and members countless times, and that is the thought of "supplements" as the magical cure with no mention or thought to diet. The unescapable truth that I wish everyone would succumb to is that products or supplements work differently for everyone, but the fact is food works the same for EVERYONE..If you eat enough of the good stuff you will grow, plain and simple. Granted your bench is not going to go up 80lbs in three weeks and you aren't going to go from 15" arms to 18" inches in the same time frame, but if you plug at it long and hard enough FOOD is the one unescapable truth of bodybuilding. And ITS effects should be looked to first. I always remark on how funny this same situation is because they have got their diet "dialed-in" so of course that cannot be the answer. However, soon as they truly dial their diet in they are absolutely amazed, food and just food could make them gain solid, true mass. I mean any one of us needs to think of the best gains we have ever made, gear or not, and I would venture to say that each of our best periods came when our diet was second-to-none, when we were completely focused on our meals and strived to count every calorie and adjust accordingly. Diet is overlooked as the answer to bodybuilding because 90% of individuals do not put enough effort into it, they don't work hard so it doesn't work hard for them..Sorry for the rant..

  8. chickentech
    cottage cheese XT

  9. FOOD FOOD FOOD. like mullet said, once you get your diet in order, supps help to take it up a notch, but you gotta have the foundation, otherwise you're just wasting money on something you could get at the whole foods store for a lot less.

  10. Without any actual knowledge of your height, weight, etc. I'd have to go with food and maybe a protein powder. It all depends on your ability to gain weight, keep it on, your ability to consume large quantities of food, etc.

    Some people like Ronnie Coleman hardly use supplements and have the ability to eat ridiculous quantities of food. Personally I can never consume enough calories to put on good weight without throwing up.

    If you understand your nutrition and how it effects you and your ability to gain muscle I would advise looking into a protein powder.

    If you are a rare individual who can eat enough protein in whole foods though I would highly recommend you do that first.

    Also I wouldn't call it a supplement but one thing that helps me bulk is cardio. Doing cardio increases my metabolism and appetite which allows me to consume more food.

    Good luck gaining weight and maybe try to refine your question so you can get some more specific answers.

  11. im 5'9 curently bulking eating alot taking creatine my weight is 168 want to weight 180 my goal used to weight 140 when i first started to work out 6 moths ago just wanted to know if there waz any othere supplements to help me out


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