distance running and supps

  1. distance running and supps

    So I don't know if this is the best place for info on this but I was wondering if anyone here knew of a good supp that would allow me to recover quickly between running workouts and gain strength but without too much weight gain. Basically right now I can't handle running more than 60 miles a week without feeling broken down and risking injury. I'd like to get up to about 80 to 100 miles a week but I can't do it naturally. Would a cycle of PP or Prostan at a low dose be good for my needs? Obviously too much weight gain would be detrimental, but a couple pounds of muscle definitely wouldn't hurt me. Lifting during this cycle would be limited also, it would mainly be hard running and sporadic low weight high rep stuff. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  2. I was a long distance runner up to 6 years ago (1/2 marathons ans 10km). I'm really not sure designer steroids can help you : you wil have pumps, weight gain, maybe accelerated heartbeat and other sides. not good for a runner.
    Low Test doses would be really good though, but I believe you don't want to inject ? You can maybe find testosterone gels or patches (enough for you).

    IMHO you should :
    - take inj B12 along with iron to help raise your hematocrit levels,
    - then use supps like citrulline malate for recovery and control acid lactic levels, forslean to raise naturally your Test (up to 40%) , then rhodiola for endurance.

    I really think it's enough, unless you already have a very high level (national or more...).

    I forget : I tried syntheselen ("human" version of kynoselen) 5 years ago, and it was very good for endurance and general energy. Not really effective for a BB, but for you I think it would be nice...the bad side is you also have to inject, so...

  3. Jeff pretty much listed my favorites even though I'm not a runner, but more of hiker/mountain climber.

    Rhodiola is pretty amazing stuff. Stacked with citrulline, forselean and possibly ecdysterone you'll have a noticable boost in endurance and recovery. The B12 shots definitely help a lot.

    Cordyceps also helps a little.

  4. Thanks Jeff and Bioman. To give a little more information about my situation, I was an 800m runner in highschool with a PR of 1:56. Because of numerous hamstring issues, I can no longer handle the amount of speedwork necessary for the 800. My transition to longer distances has been rough considering I can't handle high mileage and I'm wary to venture back into intense speedwork. Right now my goal is to run a sub 4"00 1500 and sub 15 for the 5k.

    I have some reliable information of widespread Winstrol use for elite American distance runners from the mile to the marathon in the late 70s early 80s (I'm talking American and even World Record holders). Of course now all the elite guys take EPO, but something like winny (ie prostan) could be good for a hack like myself I'd think. The test cream also sounds appealing, and a cursory google search yielded results for some products with "homeopathic testosterone". I'm assuming this stuff doesn't work just because it was so easy to find, am I right on this? If it doesn't violate any rules, could someone possibly point me in the direction of some legit testosterone cream?

    The other supplements you guys mentioned look good. I probably will stay away from iron as my dad had some problems with hemachromatosis without taking any iron supplements. Also, concerning iron, will an excess even raise the hematocrit? I was under the assumption that if one is anemic then iron will regulate the hematocrit, but otherwise too much consumption is toxic. Otherwise wouldn't endurance athletes just stick with iron rather than buying EPO? The B-12 sounds helpful, but I am a bit averse to using a needle unless the substance in it will cause serious benefits. Do you guys think B-12 is worth it? Also I think I've heard some stuff about methylated cyanocobalamin, hows that supposed to be? The citrullate and rhodiola seem nice I'll definitely give those two a try. I could also use some more information on the forselean, ecdysterone and syntheselen. Are these substances androgenic, would I need to run PCT, etc.?

    Thanks again guys for helping, I don't mean to be such a noob.

  5. I wouldn't bother with the iron either if there is a family history of iron accumulation. The B12 along with high doses of folic acid (3200 mcg per day) will help hematocrit levels very nicely.

    I do believe that the injectible form of B12 is the best. The oral forms just don't absorb well at all. The new methyl form from IBE is very nice indeed and is painless.

    Ecdy, forselean are not androgens so you will not need PCT. They will mimic some of the nicer elements of androgens but do not impact your hormonal environment.

    Rhodiola will help your VOmax and is a great anti anxiety treatment as well.

  6. I know that Cytomax has always been a popular product for endurance with distance runners that I have known.
    SNS and Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales:

  7. Cytomax is excellent for distance! I use it to mountain bike, etc, and it really gives me an extra boost. It gives an even boost of energy that's not extremely noticeable but it's definately there.

  8. I agree, Cytomax is a good sports drink for endurance. If I were a competitive runner I would use Steel Edge, Cytomax and some bulk form or product containing Citriline Malate. This combo would certainly give you an edge.

  9. You could also try Body Octane if you don't want to mix bulk powders.

  10. albuterol, does wonders for endurance

  11. AMP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I get a HUGE improvement in my cardio endurance while on AMP. I can go FOREVER!

  12. Xtend.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Brent
    That would be good, especially with the citruline in there.

  14. pheraplex wont be good for you. ran it and im a 800 guy, but the pumps are strong. it will not be good for long distance work needed for longer races. go with CM, Rhodiola, and you pretty much have to figure out what workes best for you. everyone is different.

  15. What about something like Beta-Alanine as an acid bufferer...

  16. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    You could also try Body Octane if you don't want to mix bulk powders.
    Whoops sorry, I didn't see that BO was already recomended as it contains BA...

  17. Loooove Beta alanine with a little bit o histidine in it. Great stuff.

  18. Hello,
    I'm a football speed coach seeking a peptide that can enhance or develop type IIb (fast twitch) muscle activity. Have been told about Growth Derived Nuerotropic Factor and have researched it but cannot find it's availability here in the USA nor proper dosing instructions for 185lbs or 200lbs guys. Do you guys know such a peptide?


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