How important?!?!?!

  1. How important?!?!?!

    hey guys had a couple quick questions...

    how important is it exactly to take your supps. on non-training days???

    i go hard for a few weeks and i decide to take a day or two off, and i dont take all my supps. is that bad???

    second! im taking VPX CEX creatine and im wondering if im supposed to take it before or after my work out with my protien??

    thanks again

  2. If you miss a day or two its not that bad, but at least and try to take your basic supps on days off (multi, fish oil, etc.). Your body is still recovering even on your days off, so its very important to get your body the essential nutrients it needs.

  3. I take all the same supplements on off days as I do on workout days except creatine. If you miss a day or 2 without them its not going to be a big deal. As for your creatine question I would take a serving 30-45 min pre workout and as soon as possible post workout.

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