pct for superdrol, rebound xt, pct, or nolvadex xtreme

  1. pct for superdrol, rebound xt, pct, or nolvadex xtreme

    Im about to start a 3 weeke cycle of superdrol, 20mg week1
    30mg week2, 40mg week3
    Ive heard some say that rebound xt will be fine, ive heard nolvadex extreme by gaspari nutrition ( excuse my spelling) is better than rebound, and finally ive visited the anabolic xtreme site and it states their pct aramotises better than rebound. Ive also heard that their is no stand alone strong enough for a good pct for superdrol. Im very confused, can i combine any of these for the better? im also gonna take retain during the pct. Id apprecitate all the knowledge i can get right now. This is my first post, sorry if its confusing. thanks to all who respond.

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    gavito51, I also plan to run a cycle of the Superdrol. Here's a link to some solid info on post cycle therapy.http://www.postcycletherapy.com/

  3. First of all, 40mgs is too high, let alone 30mgs, specially for a first cycle & if you weigh less than 200lbs. I suggest that you start at 10mgs & do a 10,20,20 cycle.

    Secondly, if you want knowledge...SEARCH. There are a bunch of logs on here on SD that you could see the basic setup on, mine being one of them. They are very informative.

    Thirdly, to answer your question...I used Rebound XT as a stand alone for a 3 week SD cycle. It worked fine for me while not working at all for others. Nolva would probably be your best bet if you can get your hands on some (which shouldn't be too hard).

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