1. protien

    In your opinion what is the best weight gain protien around?

  2. Probably an Egg or Casein protein powder mixed with oats and pb as far as a shake. I like the slower digesting proteins myself. As far as from food, can't beat a steak.

  3. I like to vary my protien sources as much as possible. ATW's protiens are always tasty, I also like Optimum's Rocky Road flavor.

    For solid foods - the staples beef, chicken, fish, etc.
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    I prefer bananna shake muscle milk. But protein powders to damn expensive. I'm thinking of paying my trailer trash brother-in-law, who likes to fish, about 20 dollars a week for a bunch of fillets.

  5. If your talking about weightgainers..cytogainer is good

  6. I'm with BV on this one. I like to vary my proteins. I always keep Optimum Nutrition Tropical Gold standard and regular chocolate on hand... but soon for my lattar meal of the day, I am going to incorporate some caseinate. Probably down the line sometime, I will order some isolate. Love the tastes that I have tasted so far... just really expensive.

    As far as solids, I usually eat steak, chicken, fish.

  7. I think Muscle Milk is not only the best tasting protein powder on the market but also the best blend.
    My $.02,

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  8. I love respect protein powder..mixed with 2percent milk.. makes for a good protein shake. In terms of weight gain though, i bought the weightgainer 1850 from gnc, and that worked wonders.

  9. imo - the best protein powder (considering only the 'good stuff') for gains is the one that you like (you will have to take in a lot of it ; ). You will probably add milk, fruit and stuff into the shakes so the difference between casein,egg or whey will be minimal (bedtime meal is somehow different ) Go with ON,dymatize or cytosport - they taste great and have good quality

  10. Quote Originally Posted by AssBuster
    I think Muscle Milk is not only the best tasting protein powder on the market but also the best blend.
    My $.02,

    Please don't post Supp stores addys. We have quite a few great stores that pay for the privilege of advertising here on Thanks

  11. Check out the new tru mass by bsn. good nutrient profile. also n large is a good one too.


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