Plateau Breaker...

  1. Plateau Breaker...

    I've been lifting for a few years now and every so often I've hit a plateau but hasn't been a such a pain in the ass like the one I'm stuck in now. I've been stuck at the same weight and lossing for about 4 months. My eating habits have changed along with my workout routines but nothing is happening. I've trained completly natural all this time but I've just about had it. Other than creatine and all that water retention, temperary **** out there, what supplement would help be busted through this and stack on lasting muscle? and is legal in Canada..


  2. Check out product by USP labs. Powerfull and Symmetry. Non hormonal but anabolic. Last day for the sale at Nutraplanet so act quick.
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  3. BIIGGG BUMP ON USP LABS powerfull and I'm optomistic about the synergy. VERY worthwhile and that's from someone who's cycled for the last 3 1/2 years.

  4. Hey guys, I picked up a bottle of Powerfull to give it a try. Would you say that the 21 days of 6 caps ED is effective enough in terms of length of running it? I'm thinking if everything goes well, I'll have to pick some more up.


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    You said you hit a platuea, but then said your losing??? As in losing strength??? But caloric intake is up??

    You don't want to hear this but... Take a couple days off. Your natural and the chance of you overtraining is a real possibility.

  6. VEry true, I'm not natural some of the time and I take about 1 week off after a solid month of training natural and the same amount of time after 2-3 weeks of being on or I lighten the load and do alot of active recovery work.


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