Green tea reduces IGF-1, increases IGF-1-BP3..

  1. Green tea reduces IGF-1, increases IGF-1-BP3..****134198

    This isn't all that big of a deal but it is still an interesting article, especially in the area of cancer research. IGF-1 LR3 is unable to bind to IGF-1-BP3 anyways so there isn't much of a concern for those who take IGF-1 LR3 exogenously.
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  2. How about for anyone? Does green tea inhibit growth overall?

  3. I wouldn't go as far as saying that. Green tea has outstanding antioxident effects, ecgc is said to be many times stronger than vitamins c or e and has a profound effect on weightloss, although most scientists agree the pathways haven't been 100% figured out yet. Only about 1% of your serum IGF-1 levels are unbound and active, the other 99% are bound to IGF-1-BP3 (binding protein 3). The 1% is basically so small that it really doesn't do much as for growth. IGF-1 is more known for its effects on hyperplasia (increase in muscle fibers) than it is for hypertropy (enlargement of the muscle fibers), which is the main size you see from AAS and clean lifting.

    So stay healthy and drink that green tea haha.

  4. Thanks for the article!

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