1. thyrogen-x

    I was just wondering if it was ever determined if this product is suppressive like trimax and t-3? I know it has thyroid hormone analogues. The writeup claims its not suppressive but alri did also claim max lmg would boost libido... I searched but couldn't find a definitive answer. Anyone know?

  2. Well I'm currently taking it as a standalone to just efficacy and I would have to say its not suppressive to the thyroid at the recommended dose. I say this because I don't think its done a darn thing in terms of weightloss for me at least. I've been on two weeks and have lost about 1-2 pounds. With my current diet that is about what I was expecting without any supplementation. I'm going to run it out three weeks and see what happens. I was tempted to purchase another bottle and run a larger dose to see if its more effective that way, but it gets kinda expensive.

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