Awesome Pre Workout Stim stack

  1. Awesome Pre Workout Stim stack

    3 Amp
    4 HEAT
    3 Powerful

    Awesome! works great for me, i liked Amp/heat on its own but this is better.

    I find powerful alone gives me more endurance and the combination of all of three is giving me some real good workouts.

    As well as the above i usually take my creatine, and a handfull of liver tabs with a couple pints of water about 25 mins prework out.

    I train for about 45mins in the evening, about an hour later i do feel a bit of a crash, nothing bad just a sleepy and sometimes i little bit 'tingly'! its quite nice actually and i can get of to sleep no probs. Not sure how it would be coming of it during the day.

  2. I agree. I don't have any heat but usually take 4-6 amp with 3-4 powerfull along with cee, nac, taurine, tmg, arg/orn, glycerol, and a few other things..

  3. I used to love that stack until I tried stimulant x. I can take 2 caps and be wired for like 12 hours. I realize to most people this isnt very desirbale but it sure is great for workouts, homework, clean eating. I would only take amp and stim x 3 times a week max. They are very similar products(both conatain caffiene and geranium). For some reason the stimulant x doesnt loose its potency as fast and lasts for what seems to be like days in terms of appetite supression. I was thinking of buying a bottle of amp for those days I dont want to be wired until I go to bed. One other odd thing about these products is even though I am still amped I have no trouble going to bed. If you try to stim x drop everything else and just add tyrosine(amino acid that can be bought in bulk) to keep your receptors fresh and help with that burnt out feeling at the end of your kick. Good luck and remember to drink a ton of water and always cycle of stims every 3 or 4 weeks.

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