Planning on Cutting...

  1. Planning on Cutting...

    I'm planning on cutting and i decided that i'll be taking x-factor along with an ECA stack. I'll be doing the HST training method working out on M/W/F and i decide that i would do cardio on T/Th/S and take my ECA stack on those days, but on my regular workout days would it be ok for me to take a cutting supplement like Venom or Stim X?

  2. anyone wanna comment?

  3. yep thats fine

  4. Why not use the ECA every day?

    Cutting stack I'm 2 days into

    Vasopro 25mg X 2
    Caffiene 200mg X 2
    Melting Point 2 caps X2
    Sesamin 1 cap X2
    ZMA 3 each night
    Potasium & taurine 2 g each day

    6'2 235 18-20% BF

  5. Use the ECA every day.

  6. I'd suggest taking the ECA stack everyday too, but make sure you don't exceed the recommended dosage, if you take it 3 times a day, I think its no more than 21mg per serving of Ephedrine, 200mg of caffiene, and not sure about the Aspirin. But you should also cycle it too, maybe 7 day cycles or so...definetly read up on it, I haven't used the stack in a while so I could be way off. As far as taking thermo's and fat burners while working out, why not? They give you more energy and you're losing pounds.


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