Post your favorite cutting/stim product or stack

  1. Exclamation Post your favorite cutting/stim product or stack

    Im guna cut in a month or so and I want to keep as much muscle mass as I can while cutting.

    Post some products or product stacks you have had success using while cutting

  2. Ive been looking at Venom, StimX, Sesamin, Red Acid, AMP, cAMP...

    feedback on any of those or any other supps you think would be good at cutting w/ little to no muscle loss would be great.

    side note- I workout in the PM (4-6 pm)

  3. S.A.N.
    IT rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ephedrine HCl + Caffiene + Green Tea

  5. albuterol + melting point.

    or T3 (as long as you're running an anabolic).

    oh, and if you got the scrilla, IGF-1 is a very nice addition!
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  6. #1 ECA + alcar + green tea -many successful runs

    #1a Albuterol- I like to run this between an ECA and the t-4 cycles

    #2 t-4 + M4OHN- 6weeks of summer love

    #3 StymulantX + ( ? ) still working on this one. Its really a matter of balance

    # seasamin- it really works well..just a slight limpness side effect that i can't get used too

  7. Clen+Sesamin+MP for 7 days
    Lipo6+Sesamin+MP for 7 days
    Lather, rinse, repeat

  8. Trimax + random AAS/PH

  9. slightly less food and coffee


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