Flax Vs. EPA Fish Oil-Which one has more therapeutic value?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by shootmeagain
    This seems like good stuff here...

    Artic Cod Liver Oil


    Ultimate Omega

    Haven't tried them yet myself, but I much prefer liquids (flax, fish oil, whatever) to gels/gelcaps, mostly due to the fact that you can get so much more for your money; plus, you can be more exacting with how much you want and how many servings per day, etc.
    NordicNaturals is an excellent company. Great quality and molecularly-distilled, so mercury is not an issue. NAC works to bind and aid in excretion of mercury, fwiw.

  2. I have been taking flax seed oil my self for the past few months @ 3 tbls daily. Are you guys saying that flax seed oil is not benificial when it comes to the omega's? Would it be better to supplement with both? I just wanna make sure im gettiin everything i need.

  3. I think I like the taste of Hemp oil better than Flax. Manitoba Harvest brand Hemp oil; got it at my local WholeFoods Market.

  4. Fish oil is stil far better than flax. I only use flax once in a while to balance out the omega ratio or to combat sore joints. There are several articles over at www.mercola.com explaining the importance of fish oil over flax.

    Dr. Mercola is also very keen on the use of pure coconut oil for cooking and supplementation. I've been experimenting with it for the last couple weeks and I have to say I'm noticing some effects from it..leaning out, skin texture improving, fewer cravings.

  5. Doesn't coconut oil have alot of saturated fat?

  6. Yes but according to some the forms of saturated fats in coconut oil have health promoting properties as well as lipid stabilizing properties. Read some of the articles on mercola.com concerning this..I found it quite interesting. Mercola does sell coconut oil so one might take it all with a grain of salt..however I do trust Dr Mercola moreso than nearly any other health guru.


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