Supplements to relieve neck tension re:headaches

  1. Supplements to relieve neck tension re:headaches

    Some of you might have responded in my thread here:
    Supplements for headaches

    Today I have a killer. I have cut out any triggers but the weather has changed and my neck swelled up like I had a vice grip around it. My father gets the same thing and his doctor told him this is a muscle spasm. Im the type that carries alot of stress in the traps/neck area. Since I believe my migraines are caused from my neck issues I thought I would start a new thread. Do any of you take supps to relieve muscle tension, spasm or inflammation? Im on MSM and some fish oils but beyond that?

    I cant be the only one who get headaches from his traps and neck tightening up.

  2. I've had these before, and to be honest no supplement I could take would help. I would wake up in the morning and the pain in the back of my head would be so bad, i could barely move, and i'd immediately have to take unhealthy doses of tylenol. I had a muscle spasm in my neck that was causing the pain. I went to the doctor and he gave me some muscle relaxers, and the pain was gone within three days. So IMO, i think you should just go to the doctor if it's really bad.

  3. The problem is the frequency, the more under stress I am and the constant weather changes twist me like a pretzel. Im trying not to be on pills my whole life, it really sucks.

  4. i have you ever tried the chiropractor? some people dont believe in them, but i can tell you if you can find one you trust and that is good it will def. help you out. anytime i get back or neck trouble i go see him and the next day or even the same day there is relief. 3 days in a row i had migraines and i went to him and i havent had one in about a week and half now. you are right about it being tension in your neck that causese them a lot, and the chiropractor can help with this. the only downside is that it does get expensive but sometimes your insurance will cover some of it depending on which one you have.

  5. I have not been to the Chiro in a long time, the problem def is time and money. Those guys want you in 3 times a week. However, If this continues I may not have a choice.

  6. My Chiro offers a program of pre-paid, discounted rates, and doesn't push us to come in more frequently than needed. I used to coach with him, and trust him. You might want to look for an alternative Chiro in your area.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jhferry
    I have not been to the Chiro in a long time, the problem def is time and money. Those guys want you in 3 times a week. However, If this continues I may not have a choice.
    Find a DO (doctor of osteopathy) that specializes in manipulative medicine. If you have insurance it will usually be covered. This is what I suggest.

    Otherwise find a massage therapist and get a 30 minute neck rub. You have what is called a tension headache. Its probably related to a tight splenius capitis. Neck exercises and stretching can be helpful for prophylaxis (find details on google).

  8. yes it def. does get expensive. thats why you def. want to find one you trust is not going to rip you off by sayng you have to come in 3 times a week. at most i would think should be once a week to help relieve your headache problem. i have scholeosis(sp.) in my spine and he was only making me come once a week to help correct that, so for headaches i would think once a week would work. hope you find something man cause i know how annoying it is to constantly have a headache.

  9. I have found feverfew to be very beneficial for tension headaches.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by magic8ball
    I have found feverfew to be very beneficial for tension headaches.
    Thats funny, my mother was just telling me about this. I though she was trying to tell me about some flu medicine since she works for CVS, lol

    What kind did you use? Tea? How often did you drink it?

  11. I used one capsule for one cup of tea as needed.

  12. Magic - good catch. I just read something about feverfew helping with migraine headaches. It is cheap enough.

  13. I have to take zomig for these headaches if you find something that works please post and I will try it. I hate headaches and will try anything that might work

  14. One thing that helped which I got away from way preventative cold/hot treatment. When I would finish a lift I would hit my neck and traps with the cold pack, then take a warm shower. Since I stopped lifting I stopped doing that. The weather the last month has really been up and down. When that barrametor shifts up and down it wrecks me.

    Magic, what brand etc did you use?

  15. I needed it quick so I just picked up the 380mg Vitamin World brand. I mixed one capsule with water as needed. Unless your a big fan of tea, drink it fast.

  16. Is there a reason not to just take it in capsule form?

  17. I get these kinds of headaches if I over work or hyper extend my left shoulder. I take a couple of caps of Valerian root and use hot/cold compresses until the muscle un-knot.

  18. Valerian root, makes sense as it is a calming agent. When I get back to lifting, I will have no other choice but to use the cold/hot method daily to keep it in check. I am picking up the feverfew as well.

  19. Im trying not to be on pills my whole life
    Is there a reason not to just take it in capsule form?
    Just found this funny carry on.

  20. I meant pills like Advil and Excedrin. It isnt good to take them like tic tacs.


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