flax & prostate-this may have been discussed

  1. flax & prostate-this may have been discussed

  2. I've seen other studies showing this too.
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  3. Interesting. There are a few studies showing flax will metasthesize prostate cancer cells, but they were all done in vitro so most of us doubted there was anything to worry about.

    This overview study suggests differently.

  4. Hmmm . . . interesting information. I never thought it would have the potential to do this, I actually thought it was healthy for the prostate

  5. I'd say we still need more information. Meta analyses can often be wrong by missing out on another common causal factor.

  6. I am in a nutritional sci. mentor program and my mentor is a clinical research coordinator at Duke Medical working on this very topic. They are in the preliminary stages of a study on flax and prostate cancer, but she seems to think that phytoestrogens may play a role in test reduction, therefore inhibiting prostate tumor growth. The study probly won't be done for several years so...i dunno.

  7. Well this is scary news isnt it?


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