Omega Thunder and Nitrous Malate; Panax Ginseng?! HELP!

  1. Omega Thunder and Nitrous Malate; Panax Ginseng?! HELP!

    Hey guys, ive been reading this forum forever and am finally gonna start contributing. Anyway, Im hoping someone could help me out here. Some quick background info: 20 yrs old, 194lbs, 11%bf, 5'10'', 5 years lifting exp; Ive been taking MAN'S Clout for about two months (2 bottles worth) with some bulk AAKG and I loved it, strength went way up. Now im switching up to Thunder and I also got some bulk Nitrous Malate powder. Spring breaks in only 3 weeks im looking for some good finishing touches! Now heres the dilemma/questions:

    1. How long after my preworkout meal should I take the nitrous malate and thunder?

    2. Should I take the nitrous malate and thunder together or not?

    3. How much nitrous malate should I take and how many doses a day and at what time? Im looking for some crazy pumps.

    4. I also bought some panax ginsing rush from gnc, the rush part being it has a very small dose of caffiene added, I use it for a little extra 'spark' with the gf but I like the energy. It says take two a day, where and when should I incorporate the two dosages into my day?? i.e. with the thunder or first thing in the morning or whatever

    5. Everywhere I've seen Thunder containted a small amount of caffiene in it (112mg), on my bottle it says Methylxanthines, is that the same thing? If not what is it and will it give me that boost?

    6. Lastly, I heard that it is bad to have caffiene with all kinds of creatine, would this small dosage cause any conflicts with cell volumization??

    Any help is appreciated, everyones advice is important.


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