I have at one time or another used almost all of the pro-hormones(or whatever you would like to call them)


and i have noticed a very interesting trend. I have responded incredibly well to m-dien, m-trn, and max-lmg, while the results from everything else have been fairly negligble(exept ergo but only for strength) What do these three all have in common, they were progestin based. Now why do i find this interesting(my follow assertion may not be 100% accurate, but from an "overall physiological stand point i beleif it to be viable")

The men in my family all have had apparent cases of pseudo-gynocomastia my grandfather lifted back in the day and was in decent shape(even he apparently had always noticed this.) I also have lost a fair amount of weight(remeber when fat cells split, the physiology of the fat cells permanately change) which would mean my body would always have the tendency torwords high levels of circulating estrogen, and progesterone).

I beleive that based on my physioiology, the progestin like substance(m-trn,lmg,dien) actually shifted my body torwards a more androgenic status. I beleive that because my body naturaly has high circulating levels of progesterone, estrogen, etc, introducing supraphysiological levels of exogenous progesterones might reduce my bodys endogenous level(through the hypothalamus), thus reducing estrogen, bodyfat, prolactin, and the whole cascade of "female based hormones and charactertics" lastly since these compounds are not pure "progesterone" and are "designed to posses anabolic characteristics" they may be puting my body into an optimum state for body-recomposition. Search this and other boards look at people who have got good results from these progestins i bet alot of them have a heavier, endomorphic build