Stupid Question: Where to get UA?

  1. Stupid Question: Where to get UA?

    I apoligize in advance for the stupidity of this question but I have previously avoided even researching Usnic Acid use because of all the stories I heard. Now, having read the thread about it's relative safety I'm very curious but I can't seem to find anything in the threads on where to purchase UA. If someone could direct me to a site or a store that it could be purchased at I'd really appreciate it.

    Again sorry about the stupid question

  2. "Member's Store" at the top of the page, in the cluster of links..

  3. Dude if that is a picture of you as a avatar...There isn't much that Usnic Acid could do for you at your level.
    Not to sound like a ***, but you have a bad azz physique!

  4. Its not him, its that guy from that flamin' TV show.

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