CEE and AEE stack????

  1. CEE and AEE stack????

    I just got my Higher Power CE3 and AEE but i was wonderin if they should be dosed at different times or together??

  2. Most I know of use CEE pre/post workout, and AEE in the morning and in the afternoon.. So it would look this way:

    am- AEE

    Pre w/o- CEE
    Post w/o- CEE

    pm- AEE

    Adjust to your schedule, dose is your call..

  3. alright thanks alot. so doseing aee right before my workout isn't necesarily needed?

  4. AEE in my experience lasts quite long in the bloodstream, so 4-5hrs later is good for constant nitric oxide production.. I can usually tell if the product is worth it by stretching out my dosage to see if it keeps up, or gives up..

  5. What brand of arginine are you using? In my personal experiences I like to take the Arginine PWO to get a good pump.

    When I have stacked the two, it was


    PreWO: CEE/AEE
    PostWO: CEE

  6. it says in the first post. Higher Power

  7. Quote Originally Posted by apron
    it says in the first post. Higher Power
    My bad, i didnt realize that was for the AEE too...

  8. o its fine man. so far I've noticed some great pumps but when do i really start to notice streingth gains?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by apron
    o its fine man. so far I've noticed some great pumps but when do i really start to notice streingth gains?
    When it comes to AEE, I really never experienced any noticable strength gains. Nitric Oxide basically gives you the pump, that lasts...I put some good size on stacking those two together, but in terms on strength...don't expect anything spectacular.

  10. How would you not notice any strength gains from at least the cee. The increase in water into the muscle should have given you some noticable strength gains.Plus alot of people just think arginine just gives pumps and no strength, but how is that possible? with the increase in pumps comes an increase in blood and nutrients to your mucsles which = more strength. This is my understanding of them.

  11. Depends on a lot of different factors. IMO, how volumized your muscles are is probably the biggest one. If you are already volumized then you probably won't notice much of a strength gain. If you are pretty flat and start using either CEE or AEE you will notice a jump in strength right away. From y experience, this jump in strength usually levels out after several workouts..but I still appreciate it.

    CEE and creatine in general is geared more towards strength gains not so much because of the volumizing effects but because of the increase in ATP within the muscle cells..equates to a higher working capacity.


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