Stim X or Venom

  1. Stim X or Venom

    Hey bros i just wanted some opinions on which one of these you guys have had better experineces with,i am looking strictly for a energy boost as i will be taking other supps to support fat loss,Cause i just got my Venom trial pack i popped one and i have this incredible amount of energy i am still waiting on my stim x free sample.So any feedback would be much appreciated.

  2. Everytime I take Venom for multiple consecutive days I develop a bladder infection. It got real bad once, complete with lower abdomen pains and everything. When I went to the doctor and asked them about it and described my symptoms, which included incontinence to some degree (this is what set the doctor off), I got an STD swap for my troubles.

    Most...painful...thing...ever. ... Be careful with the Venom ... it's great for my energy and increasing my ability to stay alert, so if they somehow reformulate it to prevent it promoting infection, it'd be a great product.

  3. i think you're the only one with this infection. could it be a prostate related?

  4. I loved my sample pack of Venom.

    Haven't tried StimX yet. But Venom is the best energy booster I've tried.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by 400runner
    i think you're the only one with this infection. could it be a prostate related?

    I have seen several other reports (even some from this board; here are two reports in the same thread : ) on online forums.

    Yes, it most definately could be prostate related. Their warning label reads not to take it if you have EXISTING prostate problems, and to cease use if you discover you have a difficult time urinating.

    Well, I am relatively young compared to most people with prostate problems, and I have never had such problems before supplementing with Venom.

    Another terrible side effect of Venom was also the death of any hope at all of ever having intercourse within.... ****, the DAY of taking it... I have, at times, felt as if my penis was completely devoid of life/blood while taking this. After a 1-1.5week stint of use, even Cialis made it a push to revitalize, and even then it wasn't at it's full potential.

    Just some things to consider, but for fatloss and focus, it is a truly effective product,; it's one of the best I have ever used atleast -- especially WRT appetite suppression.



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