People with Crepitus in the knee and Celadrin/Cissus.

  1. People with Crepitus in the knee and Celadrin/Cissus.

    Anyone tried Celadrin and or Cissus for crepitus in a knee? My right knee has that crunching noise when I bend it. The knee does not hurt, but when I put the palm of my hand on my knee and bend it, it sends shivers up my spine because of the crackling and crunching I feel. It seems to be worse when I miss a few does of my gluco/chodr and fish oil supps. So does anyone think the celadrin or cissus supps will make a more dramtic improvment?

    I can still squat 405#, but I have been limiting myself to 315# and just increased the reps instead. I do wear neoprene wraps to keep my knees warm on leg day.

  2. nobody???

    Anyone with crepitus, did it ever get better with anything??

  3. I've got the same problems w/ my knees. I will honestly say that I could notice a difference when supplementing w/ Celedrin and high doses of fish oils, not perfect but definately less pain. I'm getting ready to start a stack of fish oil/celedrin/cissus. I'll let you know how it goes.

  4. Thanks for the reply.

    I have it in one knee and the other is perfectly fine. I have no pain in the knee with crepitus (right knee). However, when I put my palm over it or hear it crackle it makes me shiver. I get real nervous when I sqaut now and have dropped my working weight from 405 to 315. I also, do not go past parallel, but just above. I do go ass to grass on front squat, but only using 135-185.

    I am hoping that in addition to the gluc/chod that celadrin/cissus will help repair any damage.

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