just bought some black beauty w/ephedra at my local carryout

  1. just bought some black beauty w/ephedra at my local carryout

    It's saturday night, I'm off cycle and I'm in the mood for some beer. I go to my local carryout and while checking out I see packets and bottles of black beauty's. I ask the guy at the register to let me look at the ingredients. To my surprise I see the ingredients as listed (Proprietary blend 650 mg Ephedra extract, kola nut extract (contains caffeine), Guarana, Yerba mate, gotu kola, green tea, rhodiola.) After seeing the ingredients I buy some packets. I took one of these about an hour ago and I havent felt a legal stimulent buzz like this since stacker 2 w/ephedra. After taking my sample dose of these "black beauties" I think I'm going to go back to this place and buy some more. The weird thing is that the last ime I went there I never saw these, I only saw ephedra free fat burners. I just thought this story would be entertaining. Has anyone else had any experience with these "black beauties." I know I'm rambling but I just feel pretty WIRED. PEACE........

  2. How was the appetite suppresant and what time did you go to sleep?
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  3. Appetite was suppressed quite a bit. I didn't get to sleep until around 2:30 and I took some melatonin to help with that. Overall these things are pretty damn strong.

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