If detour bars are garbage...

  1. If detour bars are garbage...

    Does that mean that Next protiens other products are likely garbage too? Any thoughts?

  2. no. my opinion about next proteins products are a positive one. and your opinion about detour a critique stemming from other peoples reaction, sketchy label claims, or you try it and didnt like the taste? Sage

  3. Originally posted by T-Bar
    Does that mean that Next protiens other products are likely garbage too? Any thoughts?
    They may not be garbage but people are generally disappointed when the companies don't meet their label claims because we all want to get what we paid for. You can also try Wardog's recipe on homemade protein bars, this will ensure you are getting no gelatin, and that your claims will not be screwed up.

  4. First of all, many would advocate avoiding protein bars no matter what brand. Certainly, quality food and protein shakes are preferable. But protein bars have one advantage: convenience. I eat them for a mid-morning snack and also when traveling. Protein bars should only be a small part of your protein/diet. I eat one a day, which amounts to 30 grams of protein out of a total 190 or so.

    That said, there are better protein bars from a nutrition standpoint than Detour (e.g. Labrada) and there are certainly worse ones (bad ones have junk protein like collagen and way too much sugar). Detour, to my mind, is of decent quality (protein sources are okay and carbs, while on the high side, are still acceptable). However, Detour has an overwhelming taste advantage over all other bars to my taste buds.

    As for label claims, Next Proteins has revised the label claims since the product was first released. Protein claim was reduced and carb and sugar claim increased. The tests done on current label claims have produced no significant differences. 1fast400 did one such test.

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