U.S. Ski Team Athletes Prepare for Torino With a Breakthrough Nutritional Supplement

  1. U.S. Ski Team Athletes Prepare for Torino With a Breakthrough Nutritional Supplement

    and... it's relating to the Olympics, which starts tonight.... so thats like... bonus points or extra credit or something... right?

    PLEASANTON, Calif., Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Many of the U.S. athletes are bringing more than focus and determination to Torino. With transatlantic flights, little sleep, drastic temperature changes, and the stress of competition, they won't hit the slopes without NutriFeron, an immunity boosting supplement from Shaklee. The official immunity product of the U.S. Ski Team® and U.S. Snowboarding(TM), NutriFeron is another way for elite athletes to capture and keep the advantage. *

    Looked up the stuff too - MACH* patented blend of interferon-boosting plant extracts (500 mg) is an exclusive, proprietary blend of natural plant extracts from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantago seeds, and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds, which have been clinically proven to support and stimulate the natural immune response process at the cellular level.*

    Article continued in link.


  2. This is interesting

    Interferons (mainly interferon-alpha) have been used to treat cancer for some time now. They are primarily used in Immunotherapy, strengthening the bodies own Immune System and using it to combat Cancer. If I remember correctly, they mainly boost Interleukin-2 (IL-2), which in turn has the benefit of signalling for T-Cells and B-Cells (two of the immune systems soldier cell types). However, there are also a great number of undesirable side effects associated with interferon use, so I am quite suprised this is being used a supplement. In the doses they give to cancer patients, it is certainly not something you would want to take if you absolutely did not have to....

  3. Best excuse if you get tested positive for ateroids at teh winter olympics: "I thought they were called the turin olympics because we're allowed to take turin"

  4. Don't quit your day job.....

  5. Re: U.S. Ski Team Athletes Prepare for Torino With a Breakthrough Nutritional Supplem

    Quote Originally Posted by JonesersRX7
    Don't quit your day job.....

    Sadly, his day job IS as a comedian.

  6. hee hee, admittedly it sucks, i did think it was ironic that the olympics would be held in a place called Torino, when Turin was initially developed by E. Germany specifically to beat olympic dopeing tests at the time (1970s & 80's).


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