fish oils make u gain weight??

  1. fish oils make u gain weight??

    i know this is kind of a stupid question, and i already know the answer but i wanna make sure and i want to know why?? when supplementing with fish oils, y does it not cause u too gain weight, its still a fatty acid even though its considered to be one of the good fatty acids and increases ur hdl and all that good stuff. is it not stored in ur adipocytes if it is not burned or if u have an excess. i've heard it even helps u loose weight, but i'm just confused as to how it is metabolized/stored or wateva and y it does not cause one to gain fat. almonds, peanuts and the rest of the planteen family is also said to contain those good fats, but when u look at a package there is quite a bit of saturated fat atleast in cashews(actually that doesn't really make sense maybe my memory is serving me wrong so feel free to correct me their). basically wat i'm asking is if u have an excess of good fats won't they still be stored in ur adipoctyes. so when ur cutting wouldn't it be better to avoid such things if looking for the most significant results

  2. I've read that EPA is a PPAR alpha agonist in doses above 6 grams daily. See the data on Sesamin, a much stronger one mg for mg, on how this works for fat loss. Long story short, the additional ~250 calories one would ingest taking ~6 grams of EPA would be offset by the increased fat utilization from the PPAR alpha activation, so they say. Sesamin is the more elegant way of doing this, but Omegas-3s (EPA and DHA) have other health benefits as well.

    EPA is also said to have a 12 hour half life, one might want to dose twice daily.

  3. EPA/DHA work in a few ways. The following three mechanisms are just the "jiste" of it.

    1. PPAR -alpha effects, but I think the benefits of this may be over-stated.

    2. Inhibition of diacylglycerol acyl transferase (this adds a fatty acid to 1,2 DAG). Blocking this in combination with lowered insulin levels (see #3) is how fish oil may lower triglycerides and improve phospholipid formation.

    3. Inhibition of fat release. (niacin does this also) which means less interference may occur at the pancreas and muscle for glucose oxidation. This will lower insulin levels. (Fish oil given to animals in the fasted state reduces cellular respiration in the liver and causes hypoglycemia. This is why it is best given in the "fed state")

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