Generic Labz Mega TRN a non-methyl?

  1. Generic Labz Mega TRN a non-methyl?

    It says on that it is Non-17a-alkylated does this mean it will be broken down by the liver and not have the same effect as something that is a 17a-Methyl like Superdrol or Phera Plex or even dbol. Mega TRN or Methoxy TRN depending on what company you buy it from is 17b-methoxy-trienbolone. Also is it less hard on the liver due to it not being 17a.

  2. I've read the same thing, it is not methylated. I'm not exactly sure what this entails as far as liver protection and such is concerned...maybe others can enlighten this topic a little more.

  3. check out ryans log. blood work included.

  4. i am going to do a halodrol cycle next month and was wondering if this mega trn is worth stacking with it in like the last two weeks and taking it for 4 weeks making the whole cycle be 6 weeks?? or do you guys think that would be too harsh on the body

  5. I would think you should definitely not stack halodrol w/MTRN. If anything, pick one up when you finish the other.

    Just b/c MTRN isn't methylated does not mean it won't affect your liver. Ryan's values were elevated, though not terribly.

  6. yeah i was kind of thinking about that too. maybe just take the halodrol for 4 weeks solo, then take mtrn for 4 more weeks


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