Importance of Supplement Timing

  1. Importance of Supplement Timing

    Is there any importance i'm missing by not using protein and creatine pre-workout but rather using it all post-workout.

  2. Creatine should always be taken preworkout and protein when taken preworkout also helps to keep your muscles fueled.. then you got the 30-45 minute window afterwards that is a must..

    Don't know if that's the answer you were looking for.. but anyhow take your protein and creatine pre-workout and have yourself a post-workout shake..

  3. post w/o shake helps with recovery. pre w/o shake helps with the tearing down.

  4. propho and wwb2, thanks for your reply. What i'm trying to figure out is how important it is to does creatine and protein pre-workout. Due to my schedule it would be a lot easier for me to just take them both post-workout. So, is taking creatine and protein pre-workout that important that I should do all I can to take them both pre-workout?

  5. for a lot of people tearing down the muscles is the important part. you'll have more strength and energy if you have the creatine preworkout and be able to push your muscles past your limit easier with creatine pre w/o. for my wife I have some creatine pills to pop before a workout if she does not have time for a shake. if you feel you need more help recovering then use them post workout. its best to use pre and post.



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