Derma-Roller for increased absorption?

  1. Derma-Roller for increased absorption?

    I just happened to come across the following when surfing the web:

    "The Dermaroller is a cylinder-shaped instrument studded with tiny, almost invisible micro-spikes. They are so short (0,13 mm) and so slim (0,08 mm) that they just set an invisible micro-perforation in the uppermost skin layer (stratum corneum)."

    This should help increase absorption I would think. Any thoughts?

  2. That has potential...anyone willing to order and experiment?

  3. Originally posted by BrKonman
    That has potential...anyone willing to order and experiment?
    I'm thinkin bout it...

  4. Wife says no.

    It seems like there's no way to dose your applications with this device, though.

  5. Is it just me or does this thing look like a meat tenderizer?

    If someone tries this let me know...


  6. I was thinking of getting one for stretch marks. Anyone have experience with using one for this? Damn, I didn't know this thread was this old geeze lol

  7. Way to bump a ten year old thread!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Way to bump a ten year old thread!
    lol srry man

  9. Why are you sorry? Nothing wrong with bumping the thread.

    Women use this thing to fascilitate/stimuate collagen production to enhance the quality of their skin (wrinkles, tightening etc)

    Not sure if the application of "product absorption" will also work.

    In theory, it should as you are penetrating the skin a few mm's and increased localized circulation will also occur.

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    lol srry man
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