T-1 Pro and Hardly Any Irritation?

  1. T-1 Pro and Hardly Any Irritation?

    I hope this isn't a stupid q, but I've been taking t-1 Pro, 2 squirts twice a day on my arms, chest and upper back for 9 days now, and the worst irritation I have felt was a mild itchiness. Most times I feel no irritation at all. For all that I hear about how irritating the stuff should be, I need to know: is this normal/acceptable?

    Note I wash and scrub the areas of application well, to the point they're nice and red, before every dose. But the worst irritation so far has been very minor. Of course I have managed to get some in the corner of an eye even after washing hands thoroughly, and it stings a bit, but normal application does not involve any pain, and hardly any tingling or itchiness.

  2. It does not bother me at all. The only thing with me is it burns slightly about 10min after. I don't rotate sites or anything. Are you growing??? Talk to ya..
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  3. That's reassuring. Thanks!

    Yes I'm growing, slowly but surely. I'll post results for week 1 later today if I can get the time, but basically, I'm up 3 lbs over my day 1 weight, and 5 lbs over where I was at on Day 4, after I had dropped a couple of lbs of water weight.

    I'm eating as much as I can manage, and increased workout volume significantly, but over the past 2 days I noticed that my weight dropped a little, following my weekly injection of chemo (Methotrexate). I take the antidote 24 hrs later, but apparently it still screws up my system for some days afterwards. I didn't really notice this on my last cycle, of 4-ADerm and Boldione, though.

  4. keep us posted.. Talk to ya
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  5. Originally posted by curt2go
    keep us posted.. Talk to ya

  6. BUMP for the big man...how's the cycle going now?



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