1-ad or Viraloid ???

  1. 1-ad or Viraloid ???

    I heard some great stuff about this 1-ad supplement from egopharm,, i know it was banned january 20th, 2005. Now they have something calle Viraloid from Vyo-Tech. I wanted to know if they are comparable and if u guys used either of them, what were the results ?,, thanks a lot

  2. From the search I ran on bb.com, Viraloid appears to be a scam supplement. Vyo-Tech is making huge claims about the gains it will provide, but all of the product testers(who are usually quick to praise almost any supplement) agree it's maybe a libido booster at best.

    You can be sure it's nothing compared to 1AD. If it was, everyone and their brother would be taking it and raving about it.

  3. Yeah, Viraloid is pretty darn close to worthless. (Sorry VyoTech....... but you do redeem yourselves with 17-HD).
    1-AD is a good supplement, but you'll wanna do lots of reading up on it before using. Example: Is mom's dad bald? If so...... don't touch 1-AD. lol.
    There are lots of legal anabolic type products available..... look through the supplement thread.... you'll find some.

  4. which ones are available ?

  5. Read my log if you want to learn about viraloid. It is a weak saponis I had tested by Pat Arnold. It did very little. 1ad on the other hand is the real deal, but now illegal. Read my log on that for more info. I think you should look towards Methyl DX3 if your looking to run a cycle to lean bulk with. It does require PCT like 1ad, but will provide gains similar to other legal designer supplements out on the market today.

  6. Well, you'll have to research that one yourself to see what fits you best, i.e. your goals.

    Be aware that you'll find dozens of people who will happily tell you "Use___________, it's awesome!" But why trust someone who may know less than you? Almost any product has it's own unique side effects, and typically it works out to be that the stronger the product, the stronger the side effects.

    if you have no fear of hair loss, gyno, acne, liver problems, etc..... then go ahead and use the strongest thing you can find. Worried at all? take it slow, and research, research, research.

    Example: It seems a lot of people jumped on the Superdrol bandwagon from day one.... for months, all you heard was pretty darn good stuff about it. Now? I am hearing more and more regrets........

    Personally, I care more about my health than muscle size. Vyotech 17-HD and Ergopharm 6-OXO are about as extreme as I go. But on that note, any minute now someone will say that even those are bad choices.

    if you have specific questions about products, feel free to message me.... I have researched quite a few of them for clients and can make some good points.

    Overall Message: Make your own decisions.... it's your body. Beware of people who flat out tell you to do something.... chances are, they didn't do any research.

  7. I can't believe someone asked that question....

  8. You Better Believe It Buddy,, Beacause I Did

  9. Quote Originally Posted by PH3
    You Better Believe It Buddy,, Beacause I Did


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