suggestions for pre-workout supps.

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  1. suggestions for pre-workout supps.

    anyone have any suggestions for a good pre-workout supplement..something to increase my pumps and strength..these are what get me motivated in they gym..not so much the nootropics and the like?

    i've used creatine products in the past..but i was wondering if anyone could suggest anything else. i 've read good things about Glycine-l-arginine-alpha-ketoisocaproic acid (Gforce from CNW)

    i was hoping to try the thunder/lightning stack..but testers are already chosen and lighting isnt' available yet.

    Any suggestions or ideas?

  2. Maybe some NO products?

  3. I liked Thunder from CNW.

  4. ALRI's PRIMED is pretty nice if you're looking for something pre-fab'd. Otherwise, "brew your own"!

  5. Thunder is a good choice for sure.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  6. thunder works like a miracle for me...can feel the great difference between green bulge and thunder..and thunder wins hands down!!

  7. Out of all of the creatines and pre-workout supps i've tried, MAN Clout gave me the best results. My strength went up noticeably, vascularity was increased, and recovery was great. Also ALRI's CR2 was excellent.
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  8. I will be starting to use ALRI Primed next week. I am really looking forward to trying it as it has a solid blend of supplements in it. I will certainly post my feedback.

  9. For me, i' ll just take caffeine.. Cheap and effective..

  10. Primed works good you get GREAT pumps, 1 draw back is the taste.. NASTYYY.... I liked Amped alittle better because it seemed to give you more energy.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Pitbull954
    Primed works good you get GREAT pumps
    I have heard exactly the same about Primed. I am excited about using it.

  12. isn't primed abit on the expensive side for just 20 servings?

  13. The information lists to take a serving only on workout days though, so one bottle would be good for a month or so, which isn't so bad I guess. Can Primed be used as a replacement for creatine, or should creatine still be taken alongside Primed for maximum results?

  14. I'm using Thunder and neurostim+c right now, with a little extra CEE after the workout. It's only my second day using them so I'm still waiting for them to kick in, but last time I was on Thunder I loved it.

  15. don't think anything else can replace creatine as it is..

    true...anybody got results from primed?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Dennking
    For me, i' ll just take caffeine.. Cheap and effective..
    Bear in mind, caffine is a diuretic and counter-productive if maximum pump/hydration is the goal here.

    For energy and strength, it's the best though.


  17. The only pump I care about is pump down below if you know what I mean (I know revodrew does). EC rocks me like a hurricane.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by ZoMbSta
    isn't primed abit on the expensive side for just 20 servings?
    Maybe but you only use it on lifting days. So if you lift 4 days a week then a bottle lasts over 1 month.

  19. I know this post is getting kind of old but I thought I'd throw in my pre-workout concoction...

    40 minutes before workout:

    Glucuronlactone 1000mg
    Taurine 1000mg
    ALCAR 1500mg
    L-Tyrosine 750mg
    Citrulline Malate 3grams
    AAKG 1500mg
    BCAAs 5grams
    Di Creatine Malate 3grams
    Fruit H2O to mix it this stuff...covers all powder taste

    About 15 to 20 minutes before workout:

    Caffeine 200mg
    Yohimbine HCL 5mg

    I love this combo...sometimes I throw in ephedrine if I'm taking it at the time. I love this combo. It might be overkill but when buying it all in bulk powders its still cheaper then buying a brand name product. I feel it gives me great concentration and really gets me pumped up to lift. I don't know if I get like a muscle pump really (never had a product that honestly I can say gave me muscle pumps) but just the overall feeling really makes me want to lift and keeps me going all workout. My workouts right now are roughly an hour and a half and I have just as much energy at the beginning as I do in the end. I just recently started taking Extreme Formulations ICE during workout since my workouts are kind of long. ICE and my Optimum protein are the only "brand name" products I use anymore and everything else I buy in bulk powders.

  20. I personally have tried a few different products. I have tried superpump 250 by gaspari, the new one by met-rx c-amp or something like that. Also, I have tried the pre-workout intensity from Instone. I like all three. sp250 gives me gas during my workout so does c-amp but not as much. Intensity has been good to me so far and I like the fact that I don't feel any gas build up. The lactic acid build up is sustained and my rest periods in between each set is shorter.

  21. Pump Juice 2.0.

    Believe me , it does what a preworkout supp is supposed to do.

  22. the best ive ever done was 2x90 d- axle, it gave me noticeable pumps and my recovery time out of the gym was great.

  23. USP Labs C2 + CNW CreEthylThunder. One of the best pumps Ive ever felt. One time I took my pre-workout dose, but missed the gym because some stuff came up. My arms got pumped from washing the dishes.


  24. Try Powerfull BigV - huge pumps.

  25. Oh I did! Powerfull, C2, AND CET Check the log in my sig...qute an impressive stack!



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