I just got a few bottles of superdrol from massnutrition.com and the capsules are a little larger than the old ones so I opened a capsule from my old bottle and tasted it and it had a chemical taste the new ones have no chemical taste so I emailed the president from Anabolic extreme and he had no real explaination as to why the new stuff had no taste. I think it's because it's just filler in the caps with no active ingredient. Also the labels on the fakes are different. they have the chemical name on them not just methasteron also they say next to the bar code that they are from a company called Anabolic Resources in Arizona even though the rest of the label looks basically the same as the old ones. I was in the middle of my cycle on the good ones and then switched to the new ones that have no chemical taste and within a few days I noticed a loss of that "on " feeling and pumped feeling. Everyone check their bottles. Spread the word.