supplements for brain fog?

  1. supplements for brain fog?

    As the title suggests. Also when i define brain fog i mean i dont have a sense of "reality" as much as i had before. I dont feel fully alert and conscious and it feels like im hypnotised and just walking around with no meaning. Its very hard to explain. Has anyone else had this feeling before and if so why? What can cause it, i just really dont like this feeling and have it like everyday, I HATE IT! please help

  2. Is this a recent thing or been this way for a while? What are the possible causes? Recreational drugs? Sleeping over 8 hours a night?, too much sleep can make one dopey. Lack of good quality and/or quantity of sleep? Too many hours of video gaming? Too much TV? other possiblities?

    You should try to determine the cause and correct it and chemically you could try Vinpocetine, Piracetam, Sulbutamine, Chocamine, or Caffeine added or more. If you go the chemical route, try these one at a time at varying doses to gauge it's effect before adding something else.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dark_star feels like im hypnotised and just walking around with no meaning.
    Sounds like you have a case of existential dread

    If you have used a lot of drugs you should give yourself some time before you try any other chemical solutions. Adding more chemicals to the mix may just increase the likelihood of drawn out issues. For example, if you smoke(d) a lot of weed, drinking a lot of water and working out will purge the THC and the fog will lift. Once you get back to baseline you can see what might enhance your awareness.

  4. BTW, there are entire schools of philosophy that examine that sense of meaninglessness. Plenty of people have experienced it, myself included.

  5. It could be a side effect of overtraining and/or stress built up over time. If your life is pretty hectic and you still train like a mad man( which I did ) the brain fog sets in after a period of time. For me it got really bad between ten in the morning up until around six in the evening. Try revamping your daily chores and your exercise routine in a way that will make it less stressful. As for supplements, I found that the aformentioned advice coupled with a combo of Ginko, Huperzerine, Vinpocetine, and Choline worked really good for me.
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