UA worked for me

  1. UA worked for me

    I used UA and  T pro at the same time to get the leanest gains possible cause Im already well over 200lbs so I dont want to gain 12-20 which is what most say they do.  I went from 273-280 in 4 weeks.  I took the UA for 2 weeks starting with 500mg and progressed up to 1.5g and I took 0.5-1.5g r-ala and  0.5-1.5g ala.  I hadent orderd enough r-ala but found some ala at walmart.   But the best part is a noticble sice increse as well as definition. My once super gut is now just the gut of a mear mortal.  Ive been battling it since 2000 when i weighed 315 and had'nt worked out in 2 and a half years. I wished I has taken some before pics cause I posted my after pics the other day. anyway UA works better than anything else I tried.  I can only inagine If I had stuck to my diet.

  2. Good job.. Talk to ya..
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  3. Glad to hear it, I took it and swore it didnt work for me either until I realized that with uncouplers carbs = heat. I was doing low carb and feeling nothing.

    Anyway thanks for the results, I may have to try that combo very soon.

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