Homemade Muscle Milk and Oats

  1. Homemade Muscle Milk and Oats

    I had a few samples of muscle milk and oats and really liked them. They are a bit pricey so I was wondering if there were some protein powders that would be like the vanilla bean or maple brown sugar so I can make my own. A tub of protein and a tub of quickoats would be much more economical. I have used chocolate protein powder usually and it doesnt cut it. suggestions?

  2. my two favorite protein powders to mix into oats are BSN lean dessert protein and SAN infusion. lean dessert doesnt have the best nutrition profile but it tastes damn good. cinnamon roll and banana nut bread compliment oats really well. i also like adding SAN infusion in the vanilla caramel swirl flavor. this tastes better than muscle milk and oats in my opinion and is healthier. i add the protein after cooking the oats because im paranoid about the protein denaturing under high temperature. not sure if it makes a difference but id definitely invest in one of these powders if you are looking for protein added to your oatmeal.

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