1. Sesathin

    where can I find Sesathin? It seems that everywhere is sold out..

  2. Sesapure from ........................ is a good substitute. Frankly, it may be better.

  3. capped SesaThin should be available at retailers in a week's time.

    E-Swift, as to Sesapure, I've never tried it and have seen little in terms of user feedack. As to your comment of frankly, it may be better than SesaThin, well please enlighten us....

  4. Go to you can get it there, There is also feedback and comments on it. I just ordered a bottle for my gf.

    We prefer that you not link to other suppliers that compete with our paying board sponsor. Thank you.

  5. Imagine that. Do they even have an independent lab assay proving what is in it?

  6. Wow, sorry I wasn't trying to cause trouble.

  7. No trouble here. Try looking on NutraPlanets site. They carry Avant's Sesathin Liquid.


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