CLA caps with a white residue inside?

  1. CLA caps with a white residue inside?

    Am I going to die if I use these? I bought 1000 caps last year, messed up my spine and stopped training.

    I'm now training again and on a serious cut - CLA was helping last year on mega doses and I'd like to add it again at some point. But the caps have the look of olive oil that's been in a fridge - sort of cloudy, rough looking sediment in them.

    any ideas would be great, or I'll just have to do the experiment thing and possibly spend a weekend reading the bathroom library.


  2. if you have had them in the fridge its just the oil solidifying, like many oils would.

    Take them out for a couple of days and they should return to normal.

  3. That is why nobody makes clear CLA caps. They are all colored. It looks like ass

  4. Hey Mike
    That's all.

  5. Thanks for the answers, I'll add them in over the weekend.

    I bought them from you Mike, back when you had the special deal on bulk caps.



  6. Sorry for bumping an old thread but I recently came across the same problem while storing my PP cla in the fridge,

  7. Some of them now even seem warped. Not a ton, you would have to dump a few out to find the warped ones. I'd like to keep them in fridge still though. My Obsessive compulsive nature thinks they will stay fresher that way.


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