Scifit or Sports One?

  1. Scifit or Sports One?

    Anyone know anything about either one of these companies?? If I were to buy the same product from one....which should i go with??

  2. Hey Sobie,

    Between the 2, I'd go with Sci-Fit....

    Many people may have bad stuff to say about them, but they are in my opinion a decent company. A lot of there stuff is just as good as the big brands, and half the price. they seem to be a company that let's other's be the innovators, and they follow suit. Although if I am correct they are the patent holders on Kre-Alkalyn (don't hold me to this).
    This combined with the fact that they have some top notch customer service..... (a rep actually called me to answer my questions in-depth, and believe it or not he recommended other companies products as well as his own).... make me say this is a decent company, depending on the product you're looking for.
    On that note, can I ask what product it is you're debating on?

  3. Well they are both the only companys that are still selling decent prohormones . Both claim to have 4-AD, and 19-Nordiol. Theyre both the only companies that I have seen that is selling them. But at the same time I want to make sure Im getting what I'm paying for and not beach sand.

  4. Take no offense.... are you buying direct from the companies? I have a hard time believing they would openly sell those supplements themselves. Not saying they aren't still available at retailer's around the country....

    Either way, I haven't heard first hand reports RE: either brand of these particular products. If it's a decent price, might be worth a try. Expiration dates may be somewhat of a concern.... as both companies were still using the dry delivery systems on these supps I believe.
    But be aware you can still find all the other PH's if you look hard enough.....

  5. You can pretty easily find the SportsOne Andros for sale. They are apperently (so the site claims) whats left of their stock after the ban. They do run high 40' to low 50's for the 4-ad and Andro blends. I haven't come across any sci-fit andro though. Without sourcing, how much are you able to get 4-ad from sci-fit?

  6. the 4-ad from Scifit is really cheap.....17 bucks. Its says its over 50% off becuase they are trying to get rid of what they have since the ban. Scifit has all of its supplements that are discontinued 50% off. The sports one 4-ad/norandro is a lot higher around 40-60 bucks. Again this is only online, not in stores.

  7. (Frantically searching the web..............)

    with no frickin' luck............... lol

  8. U said it, i have been searchin for an hour now !!!

  9. I'd give you guys the sites....but then youd probably take the last amount. Sports fit says they have only 12 bottles of 4-ad in stock. Sci fit seems like it has more.

  10. Sob

    I'd appreciate if you shot me an e-mail and told me "a little more about the sci-fit 4-ad" if you get the drift.
    [email protected]

    Please delete if against board rules

  11. sent you the info.


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