CEE & V12

  1. CEE & V12

    Anyone try this? I have some of each and thought about putting them together but thought I would see if anyone had ever tried it.

  2. Ive tried it

    used v12 2 times a day 1 serving AM and one pre wo with added 2-3g CEE
    cee only on workout days non wo days 1 serving v12

    It gave me more strenght and pumps and faster recovery between sets. than eather taken alone..

    my favorite combo for now are swole v2 and cee but now i am trying swole v.3 as it is to see what that can give mee.

    results so far on v3 is nice strenght gain, realy nice pumps almost like v2 and added cee. and it do give great endurance aswell.. I do spinning class 2-3 times a week..

    good luck stacking it

  3. You could grab something like CVM extreme by Serious Nutrition Solutions which already has both for a great price.

    I once stacked NOxplode with CEE, and stacked mono with SwoleV2 a while back - both with good results.

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