ECA and birth control

  1. Question ECA and birth control

    My brother's girlfriend wants to go on ECA but is worried becuase of a warning on the ephedrine bottle that cautions against taking it while also taking prescription medications.

    Obviously she is worried about reducing the effectiveness of the birth control. But there might also be a health concern as well

    She is taking Alesse. Can anyone chime in on if the two are ok to take together. Or even personal experience of any of your girlfriends taking both.

    Thanks Guys.

  2. I've never had a problem with ECA reducing the effectiveness of birth control. But, that's not backed up by any medical documentation. I can't find any online documentation which addresses whether ephedrine does or does not interfere with birth control effectiveness.

  3. Thanks. Anyone else?

  4. I have been taken ECA stacks and birth control for years. I asked my doctor if I should take any extra precautions and at the time he told me that St. John's Wort was the only herbal supplement that was proven to decrease the effects of birth control at that time.

  5. I would not see any problems with it either but I'm not a dr.

  6. my girlfriend has been taking a EC stack while on birth control also and she's doing fine.

  7. my girlfriend is also on birth control, and also doesnt have the best kidneys(some kind of kidney disease that runs in her family, cant think of the name right now). she is trying to find a good supplement to give her a little more energy and help burn a little fat. i have been trying to find something that would be good for her but i dont take any stimulants or fat burners so i really dont know what the best is from my experience and especially one that is good for a girl. so any information would be very helpful. thanks

  8. i didnt know there were so many girls on here, or are some of you guys taking birth control cause girls always complain it makes you gain weight, lol.

    "man, take birth control pills, i gained 10 lbs in 2 months!"

    "did you have any sides?"

    "i dunno, but this new utereus is awesome"


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