build muscle fast

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  1. build muscle fast

    Im currently taking no-xplode(works great) and 100% there any other supplement out there better than no-xplode or than will make me build muscle faster?

  2. Yes sir there is:

    Proper diet! More important than any other supplement ever made. No diet= no true or real results.

  3. Sorry that I forgot to mention this, you need to keep realalistic goals while training.(somewhere in the range of 10lbs of muscle in your first year with a slow decline over time) If you want more specific advice it would be wise to either post stats, like age, weight, BF%, years seriously training, measurments or the better option for some serious results would be to pull 250$ out of the bank and get Mr. Bobo.

  4. im looking to go up about 30 lbs in bench in a little over a month and no-xplode can get me there but it takes a while ...i need to go up fast

  5. Quote Originally Posted by lifter888
    im looking to go up about 30 lbs in bench in a little over a month and no-xplode can get me there but it takes a while ...i need to go up fast
    Then you are in the wrong business. Gains take time, and if your not patient then you need to take a step back and re-asses your goals.

  6. i know but when i 1st took no-xplode i had those effects but no my body is adapting to it so i want to switch or get another suppl. to get those same effects again

  7. [quote=revodrew]Sorry that I forgot to mention this, you need to keep realalistic goals while trainingquote]

    Did you miss this part? I wish I could do 30lbs in a month to. Damn, let me figure that out, over the last year, assuming I only gained 20lbs on my max which was around 275 or so, I would be throwing up--515!!! Good deal, when you find the supplement that does that, please pm me so I can order a lifetime supply of it. Now, to a serious note, eating is key, proper lifting and sleep are also very important. The only way you will get that much on your bench is to go the SD, or M1T route which by reading your post I am 100% sure you are nowhere ready to use. Do some research and be patient.

  8. i have heard a little bout M1t but what is SD?

  9. does anyone now how effective blitz cycle is? if so is it safe to take with no-xplode?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by lifter888
    does anyone now how effective blitz cycle is? if so is it safe to take with no-xplode?

    Buy nothing that has the name FIZOGEN on it or Legal Gear for that matter. Unless you are rich and like to waste money. If that is the case you can mail it to me and I will send you nothing in return, same results but atleast you wont be dissapointed
  11. lifter

    You haven't heard a thing.
    My The 1 LOG:

  12. what about xscience products?

  13. How many grams of fiber do you get, through what sources? What does your last meal of the day look like?
    My The 1 LOG:

  14. There is no such thing as a magic pill.

    Even the real stuff doesn't work for people that don't have their training and diet in order.

    You sound rather new to this, no offense intended. My advice is to focus on training and diet, spend your supp. money on a trainer.

  15. ya i just dont now what to eat for my meals i need a schedule cause' if i make my own i will end up eating stuff i dont need 2

  16. Over priced, unless your name is chuck and get it for free. Why not try a light test booster like 6-0x0 ro something like that. Even that, you need to do some research!

  17. does any1 know of a suppl. with the same effects as noxplode? i dont want test bost or anything like that

  18. Cell Tech bro

  19. Are you even reading the posts in this thread?

  20. Just look at these guys. You might do better with the Cell Tech/Nitro Tech stack.

    "After using CELL-Tech I gained 23 pounds of mass and experienced an unbelievable increase in strength. I've tried creatine but it doesn't even come close to the mass-building effects of CELL-Tech."

    "Using CELL-Tech, I gained 10 pounds of mass in only one week. This stuff is truly amazing!"
  21. Wink

    Quote Originally Posted by Grassroots082
    Cell Tech bro
    Yea thats it.

    Knew a guy that ate nothing but big macs and candy bars and he couldn't help but get swole taking that cell tech.

    Not an ounce of bodyfat on him, either, at 350 lbs.

    Yea...thats the stuff right there!

  22. Just don't stack cell tech and no-xplode because you don't want to get all big and bulky like Ronnie Coleman.

  23. Enough clowning the kid!(I hope a kid) Dude I think you are wearing on everyones patience. Do a search, read do something on your own. If you have a perticular question about a supplement, like personal experiance with EX. then ask that. This topic is to broad and you arent listening anyways. Be glad im not a mod cause I would probally close it.

  24. what is your training schedual like?

  25. Too funny. Go read or hire a trainer because you're obviously not getting it brotha.

  26. I already gave the link to bobo, guess he isnt interested.

  27. OMFG, are you ****ing kidding me. I just got a neg rep because of this thread. From someone who has zero post and didnt even have the nuts to say a reason. It is a good thing that I really dont give a **** about rep points but people are just abusing it, and using it because they cant take critisism. Some people are such bitches. Pussies actually, damn, now Im pissed off about nothing important. What a f'ing ***!!!
    Last edited by revodrew; 01-03-2006 at 09:21 PM.

  28. The negative repping has gotten rediculous.
    Too many people are neg. repping for folks opinions.

    Edit - not that you guys are giving this lifter dude some opinions. Y'all are giving him straight-up truthfull advice (minus the Cell-Tech ****).
    Listen to them Lifter (not the Cell-Tech stuff though).

  29. Maybe if you weren't such a jerk Drew.

    BTW, Your avatar is freaking me out. What the hell is that?


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